Hello and thank you for visiting my SCUBA Diving page. My name is Johan Nobel and I live in Europe, in the Netherlands. I came into contact with compressed air diving a long time ago, and over the years the fascination remained.

In 2007 I decided that it was now or never and I got my PADI Open Water C-card while on vacation on Gran Canaria, Spain. The following pages contain information about the dives I have made, some statistics and some other information.



Having started on the Canary Islands, I have continued my diving education back in the Netherlands at Dutch Scuba Divers in The Hague. Now I can also appreciate the Dutch underwater world as often as I see fit. And there is plenty to see down there, both animal and plant life. For this reason I am a frequent visitor of the underwater world of Vinkeveen near Utrecht.


As of October 2021 Dutch Scuba Divers Divecenter has closed its doors in the Netherlands. The divecenter has been relocated to Spain!

During the week I frequently gave SCUBA dive introduction sessions (Try Scuba) to people who have (in most cases) no prior Scuba experience what so ever. Often people were somewhat nervous and apprehensive about breathing under water. At the end of a session when people overcame their fear there was a real positive vibe in regards to their newly gained experience.

In addition to this I also teach Snorkel classes and Open Water classes and evaluate diving skills during Scuba Skill Updates.


As of October 2021 a brand new divecenter opened its doors. ScuBlue Divecenter is located at the Hendrik Ravesteijnplein 76 in Rijswijk. An enthusiastic group of young dive professionals is ready to guide you into the underwater world. Also available is a wide range of dive equipment and the expertise and experience to advise you with your purchase.



and welcome!